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When they see us - Netflix- based on the Central Park 5 case. Shocking miscarriage of justice
That is one powerful, horrific show. Fully recommended. But, not if you don't want to be emotionally battered and angry as fuck.

Chester Perry

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Inspector Montalbano is well worth a watch.

Braquo too. Especially for Roxys arse.


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Thoroughly enjoyed Catch 22. Also done series 4 of Outlander. Now looking fo rmy next binge watch.
As recommended in this thread, Animal Kingdom and Ozarks are braw. So's Snowfall

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Am on the last episode (8) of Der Pass on Now TV. It is set on the German/Austrian border, some fantastic scenery and brutal murders. Enjoyed it


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Bounce Radge
Just finished watching all 3 seasons of Money Heist on Netflix, well worth a watch.

It's in Spanish so my advice is to watch it with English subtitles as opposed to the dubbed version. The dubbing is worse than a Bruce Lee film.

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Watched Euphoria on NowTV, Sky for you normal folk. It's excellent.
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