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  • For some reason I can't send you a private message. It says I am not allowed to do so when I click 'Send New Message'.

    They are not Celtic fans. It is a Groningen fan and his woman, and they will definitely cheer for Hibs. Problem is that apparently they will be very late. They land at the airport the same day of the match and probably only will be just in time for the kick-off. So I guess it is not ideal if they have to collect the tickets from you. I can try to buy them myself, but I have very bad experiences with the Hibs ticket office. If I get them online, can they collect them from the stadium on match day?

    For more convenient communication you can mail me: sebasrumke@hotmail.com
    Hello Mark,

    You got me a ticket for the semi-final vs. Aberdeen last year, which I really appreciated.

    I have a friend who is visiting Edinburgh with his burd in December and they want to visit Hibernian - Celtic. They are not on the database so they won't be able to get tickets themselves. I am currently staying in China, so even further away from Edinburgh than before, so won't be anywhere near Easter Road before the match to collect the tickets.

    Can I ask for your help once more?
    Kayleigh, please contact StevieC on the bounce he will be delighted to help?



    Hope you can help me. I have a bag full of Hibs strips, tracksuits & jumpers. I'd like to donate them to the appeal. It's not much but they're all like new and I've been told you're the person to come to.

    Apologies if not.

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