Who's been affected with work by Covid?


Just A Radge
Got a call Weds. from my boss. Was told effective Dec. 1st, I either had to take a 43% cut to my salary base or find a new job because of our revenue being down through Covid. Felt like I was punched in the stomach, especially going into the holidays. I can still pay the bills and cover all expenses luckily but savings and retirement fund are going to take a massive hit until the companies revenues return to normal and with it my salary.

Who else has been affected?


Shameless Radge
I was furloughed between March and Nov,100% wage til July,80% July and Aug.
Went back part time Sept and Oct so wage was a bit better,back full time this month.
Boss told us on Friday we could be furloughed again anytime between now and March.


My salary went down by 20% from March on, went beck to full salary in September. A few of my team were furloughed, one lost his job. Its not over either, talk of staff returning to furlough has came up the last few weeks.

Two Headed Boy

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Wow that's harsh news. Sorry to hear that.

For me it was no bonus scheme for first half of 2020 and a 5% salary cut between April and September. Also, my team were all furloughed at 80% and I was working on my own from home between April and September, everyone is back working from home on full salary now though thankfully. Certainly could have been a lot worse.


Just A Radge
In my present situation the Covid employment crisis doesn't affect me too much. I'm one of the lucky ones I suppose but I do have experience of redundancy - five times to be exact. This was supposedly in the good times. I do sympathise with all who have lost their jobs however and it is a blow to self esteem as well as bringing financial problems. I have no debt, don't drink or smoke, my car is eleven years old and buy my jeans on ebay. My advice for what it's worth would be concentrate on the things that really matter in life - family and friends and not costly material things which you can live without.


Top radge
Furloughed at the end of March, we stayed open on bare bones to supply masks, sanitiser and the likes. Was back in July as things started building up and we've been at full speed since the end of August.


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Opted not to renew a contracting role I had at the end of Feb expecting it might take a month or two to get something better.

Two weeks later Covid kicked in big time. Was eligible for self employed furlough at a fraction of my normal income as Government ruled against Limited Company contractors being paid similar to the support for Sole Traders. Took that assurance from March-October - which was a bonus tbf - and as no signs of financial services jobs recovering did 5 weeks nightshift at Amazon from early October with plenty overtime which was reasonable wedge considering.

Now working from home in the office game again at relatively sh1te money compared to previous contracts but more than enough to live on so won’t complain.

If I didn’t have an illness policy pay out in Feb I wouldn’t have jacked that role same month and I’d also just have taken a delivery or warehouse role 6 months earlier.

Maybe not such a bad thing when been lucky before this year and not had to watch spending too much. Will certainly appreciate trips away when they are less frequent than previous years also.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
I received a few different support grants from the government, as much as they’re Tory bastards I think they’ve done a reasonably balanced job. Even so, taking that funding into consideration this year has cost me a significant wedge of cash. I’ve had to close my shop in leith, first time since 1974 that my agency hasn’t been there.
I’m still waging a war for clients waiting on refunds from tour operators and airlines, some on the breadline and now without work it’s heartbreaking.
I’ll never get back the tens of thousands of pounds this year has cost me, but I’m alive, I’m healthy and I’m strangely confident 2021 will be a good one.


An Dun Radge
I've been working from home from March, in publishing if your brand/title isn't strong enough then it will simply fold. I work in The Beano comic and although our shop sales took an obvious hit, our subscriptions soared. But not so lucky for other members of the magazine publishing team, who initially were furloughed at 80% topped up to 100% by the company, but the decision was made to close four or five titles (it was a while back, so not entirely sure how many, probably more) and they all lost their jobs.

So, yeah, I guess I'm extremely lucky to work in a Brand/Title that - if anything - helped keep kids' head sane and give them something else to immerse themselves in. We deliberately ignored the pandemic in our stories. A safe place to read.


Skivin cooncil Radge
Was cruising along semi retired delivering prescriptions 2 hours per day for a local pharmacy.
Covid then hove into view, people locked themselves in and my 2 hour day turned into 5-6 hour day.
I'm quite aligned to the situation now and if it keeps people safe, then so be it.

Not complaining really because my wife was furloughed early on , and if I'd been at home with her for most of the day the law would've been searching the back garden for her body a few months back.


Being retired and on a good pension payout I’m fortunate in that I don’t have to worry about money. Last year I started as an invigilator monitoring the prelim and final exams. Absolutely love it and nowt to do with money. Covid put that on ice. ?


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Another one in the retirement club although at it a bit longer than the other two above :wink:

My wee part-time driving job has carried on throughout the crisis. I don't know about the ins and outs of what the company does but we seem to be pretty much as busy as normal.

The roads through to Glasgow and up to Perth were a joy to drive at the start of lockdown, virtually empty and while they're not back to that utopia they have been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks.

Alberta Hibee

Just A Radge
Was furloughed in March, lack of work or so I was told, was told it was getting reviewed in 3 months that came and it was an extension for another 3 months then it was em sorry we can no longer keep you. Bye .
The old mantra that tgey had was " we are family, we go the extra mile for each other and our clients" total and utter shit.
Not one person had the balls to say "oh im sorry this has happened to you" the fuckers couldn't even look me in the eye when I left.

emerald green

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I work NHS and have been home working from near the start of the pandemic.... we have had to crank ui the pressure as were the fron line in getting Convalescent Plasma and other therapies in rapid to try and save lives. So I am fortunate in one way with escaping job losses / furloghs, but fuck me! the extra stress and workload :drop::drop::drop:... no helped with the goalposts getting moved almost weekly at times with the rules and regulations in respect of Covid. Ive never experienced deadlines like it. Brutal at times.


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15 per cent pay cut March to September, back on full pay from October. A number of fine colleagues lost their jobs - I suspect there will be more after Christmas.


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Working from hame since April on full pay. Got decent laptop most meetings on Teams. Guess I'm one of of the lucky ones..... Was ok when the pub was open.
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