Unpopular Opinions


Muirhouse Radge
Thinking that Trump does what he said he would do!

Then this pandemic happens.

There is a few right wing governments in at the moment.


Anyone that doesnt believe.

9/11 = inside job
Destabalising middle east = its a plan
JFK Assasination= inside job.
Dianas death = Inside job.
Hitler died in Berlin= He died in Argentina!

Covid 19.....Biggest inside job!

We are pushed into false narratives by the government run media(look up ("Operation Mockingbird")fucking crazy.

We still dont know where Covid 19 came from..come on. Lol

Though nowhere near as bad as you are told.
Its currently the 8th worse disease officially recognised in the UK.
Meaning even the flu is more dangerous!

Its all about controlling and obedience for the nexy phase.

If we really wanted to know.....you would know! ;)

I like a conspiracy theory but to suggest Covid is one of them is mental but willing to indulge you. Usually some events effect the country it's in and it's govermant is usually behind it but Covid 19 is worldwide. I can't see all countries agreeing to shit on the economy and losses of life for what I see has no benefit to anyone.


Legendary Radge
Don't see the point in dogs as pets. Eating and sh1ting machines. Added responsibility and very little payoff.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
I actually think ABBA are underrated. They are popular, so it might seem like an odd thing to say, but they are dismissed as lightweight in a way the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys etc... aren't.
For sheer classic pop songs Abba were pop perfection. Two wonderful and prolific male pop songwriters and two lovely ladies who sung in perfect harmony. The chemistry was spot-on. Their songs are timeless IMO.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Working from home is shite.

John Robertson was a brilliant penalty box striker.

Hibs did not go into decline after the legendary 1972/73 season. They were still a great team up till 1975.

Alex Miller was a superb manager for Hibs. He just went on too long.

Queen were hugely overrated as a band.

The 80's was the last great decade for pop music.

Springsteen is the greatest songwriter and live performer there has ever been.

Women make far better bosses than men.

Abortion is wrong.

Covid-19 has been bad, but much of the reaction to it has been over the top.

Downton Abbey was a brilliant TV drama..probably the best in my lifetime.

Strictly Come Dancing is great Saturday night entertainment.

Much of Elvis Presley's success and popularity was down to his looks, not on how good he was.

Children are treated very badly in society. Many are neglected, abused, unwanted, or over-indulged. All of which lead to damaged human beings. There are many people who really should not be parents.

Star Wars was awful. Nothing more than a bairns movie. Science Fiction in general is infantile.

There is a God.
There's ALOT to unpack here gm!


Just A Radge
It actually was unfair the jambos got relegated. I dont think they would have been had the season finished as normal. But that said, its also hilarious

Grange hill was the best TV programme ever.

Austin Allegro was a great car

I once met Fernando Ricksen. He was a really nice bloke (this was during his playing days with the old Huns)

Once met Bobby Charlton, absolute bell end of a man