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Mad Hibees Radge
Do Hibs ever utilise their contacts down south? I'd hope someone spoke with John McGinn to ask if he sees any young hungry players on the fringes at Villa who could come and do a job

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Capital Radge
Wolves forward, 20 yr auld and fast as fuck apparently. We’re interested according tae somebody over the road.

I seen an article about him, plays in Wolves under 23’s and has been playing really well lately and scoring goals which has caught the attention of a few clubs.

The Family

Capital Radge
If folk were worried about Scott's goalscoring record then this boys nae chance to the Bounce hierarchy :gigglle:

For me this lad ticks the boxes, young, very quick, direct and certainly knows where the goals are, the lad would be ready and match fit to play where if the rumours are true we are thinking about a player in his 30’s over weight, not match fit and would take a while to get him up to that standard, he also has calf issues also, and more importantly as @PILTONSTANY said it doesn’t fit our model of bringing young players with a sell on value, over to you Mathie.


Well-Known Radge
Only just signed a new deal in May but the article states it's only a 12 month extension.
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Top radge
So is Scott at Hull but Ross mentioned it could turn out permanently, maybe we could get the same deal with this lad.

He did, but he also said a lot of things would need to line up for it to happen.
That sounds more hopeful than likely to me.
Never know what could happen though.
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