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Are you happy?

Are you happy?

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Bounce Radge
Most people have good and bad days, but would you say you're mostly content? Are you, broadly speaking, fairly happy?


Coffee Shop Radge
Bounce Radge
Most people have good and bad days, but would you say you're mostly content? Are you, broadly speaking, fairly happy?
I don't have any real reason to be so, but more days I am happy than not.

I put it down to being good at compartmentalising things.

I also have friends (and an ex) who suffer badly from various forms of depression and their sense of realism and therefore (probs well-founded) fear of how many things could go wrong is kinda the opposite of my "no problem's too big to run away from" groundless optimism.


Bounce Radge
The shackles came off when I retired. The relief from the daily grunge, even though I thought I quite enjoyed my job, was really quite thrilling.

Retirement is the best job I've had!

I would now like to live forever, take the pension off these bastards forever, so no will to consider any last meels .

Funerals paid for though :lauff:

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
I’m spectacularly happy just now, I’m not sure why. Probably the adjustment to my thyroid drugs that’s made life quality a little bit better.

Being alcohol free has certainly put my mood on an even higher keel too.

I can still compartmentalize things - some things aren’t particularly great, but generally I’m pretty grateful for everything I’ve got because it’s not going to last forever.


I am happy but consider myself lucky. Friends and family suffer from depression or versions of it, I am lucky, I dinnae. Life can be a right *&*^ sometimes, but the good times are magical.

An opportune time to remind anyone that needs to talk or share a burden, there are plenty on here more than willing to listen.


Bounce Radge
People become unhappy when unrealistic expectations do not materialise.
I've got quite a simple uncomplicated life. Never been married, have lived on my own for many years, have a steady if fairly boring job.
I am however content with my life although there are a few things I wouldn't mind changing...however many of those things are outwith your control. I work out regularly and have looked after myself well, I am quite fit for my age and generally keep good health. Simple natural things in life are what I enjoy. I have relatives who have suffered from depression and it must be hell to deal with. So much admiration for people who battle back from that.


On holiday Radge
Bounce Radge
I’d say I was happy in terms of my family life and this is undoubtedly the most important thing to me. I love my family dearly and my kids make my world go round.

In my professional life I’m finding myself more frustrated about the things that stop me from doing my job well, but also about whether I want to be doing the same thing for much longer. So much so, I’ve given myself a two year window from Monday coming to work out what I want to do and take steps towards whatever that happens to be. I think this will be the key to being happy in the workplace.

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Bounce Radge
My kids are happy and doing well, makes me happy. Exes causing heartache, fuck it, the kids are fine and that's all that matters. We bear the weight, that's what dads are for. A clear head and regular exercise are working wonders for me. They always have but now I've cleared the decks re 'additionals' and toxic relationships, I'm in a really good place to build from. Still can be up an doon like a hoors knickers but, that's pretty natural. I don't have days and days and weeks or shitness anymore.

Edit; so far...


Bounce Radge
Aye, pretty happy. Can't recall ever being really unhappy.
Fucked off, aye, on a regular basis. But even that's less common over the last 4 or 5 years. There's very little that can really challenge my basic feeling of happiness, as long as my kids are healthy, happy and polite I can probably deal with anything that comes my way.
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