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What's in a name?

Green juventine

Bounce Radge
Do you know of any unusual restaurant or pub names and do they still exist?
I used to go to a Chinese restaurant just off Princes St. Think it was Hanover ,Fredrick or Castle st.
It was called SIK TE FOK .Don't know if it's still there it was back in the 80s.


Easy Now Radge
Bounce Radge
There used to be a shop on Dundas St that sold earthenware called 'Ware On Earth'. Clever I thought.

So was the door handle and tapper shop on Rose St called ' Knobs & Knockers'. Clever carry on stylee.

Then there was the tapas bar in Forth St called 'The Tapas Tree' that had on the inside a big tapestry of a tree. Espanol clever.

In D Mains there was a wee 2nd hand shop for ladies clothing called 'Change Of 'A' Dress'. They opened a second shop in Boswall called 'Change Of 'A' Dress Too'. Double clever

'The Bunch Of Roses' pub in Restalrig is so called because the railway workers who used it for fly pints were warned that bosses were inside if they clocked that there was a bunch of roses in the window. Sneaky clever.

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