The Festival


Bounce Radge
Yeah can't have enough! See me I've been to three shows today,I'm going to the book festival tomorrow and the film festival/or I wish it would just fuck off?


Bounce Radge
I'm surprised you're such a fan!



Bounce Radge
I'm not a fan,I've been to one show Stone River at the Kings about a family that gets deported to Aus in 1806 and it all goes array.It was very good.
I now think the thing has got too big,it's too expensive and the city center has become an absolute nightmare.You can't get anywhere in town without having to take avoiding action of tourists who seem to think that it's acceptable to just step out into traffic,and you have to add on an extra half hour on to your journey if you consider getting across town for anything.I wish there were more quality shows all year round than have this glut over two weeks.

Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
Took in a couple of "an audience with..." Shows at the EICC today.

First up was Louis Theroux. Really interesting chat on how he does what he does and was quite open about how easily duped he was by Saville and how how he regrets giving him credibility and exposure.

Then it was Hugh Laurie, who again was interesting when he got to speak but it was kind of spoiled by Mariella Frostrup who was interviewing/talking over Shug and clearly just wanted him to answer questions the way she wanted... Pretty frustrating. Laurie seemed like quite a humble and likeable chap whereas as she just came across as a massive attention sponge.

Going to pot luck some free fringe stuff after my tea.


Bounce Radge
Must be great to have that buzz in your city though, and a great choice of stuff to see and do on your metaphorical doorstep.I'm jealous.
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