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Bounce Radge
Okay bouncers how about we start a thread with some of our life stories. Can be sad, happy, funny, whatever you choose them to be.

I’ll go with one of my more bizarre and funny stories. This story starts at a poker table in mid Michigan of all places. I sat down and started playing, maybe ten minutes in the guy to my right starts talking to me and asking where I’m from. Can be a pain in the arse explaining the accent or where your from all the time. On the flip side, yank birds love the Scottish accent and with a bit of charm, can usually pull one with the accent alone.

Anyways.... So this guy chats a way for a bit then mentions his friends from London that made a documentary about him. He’s a big guy, probably about 20 stone, bit of an odd ball too. So obviously ask him what was the documentary about. His tone gets lower and he says.... I had to get a one hundred pound scrotum removed. Silence for about five seconds, what the fuck do you say to that. Best I could come up with was “fuck that’s harsh” So after that I’m still trying to play poker and wondering if the guys taking piss, or the balls. So many fucking questions rattling around my heid, but probably nothing appropriate that wouldn’t offend him. I still wasn’t sure if he was at it, so left the table to go to the bogs and google this shit. Quick search and yep, this guy had a 100 pound ball sack removed.

How the fuck do you let your baws get that size without going to the doctor. I’d be there in a shot when I saw a big fuck off lump keep growing.
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