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Jambo tapped up

July Goal: £100.00
Donations so far: £60.00
Showered and sipping double Java bean to cup espresso. Turned on the TV and low and behold who is sitting on the red setee but Jambo and old George Watson's chap, Martin Geissler .

I wondered why egg chacer John Beattie was presenting The Nine, at the end of the week.

Maybe another Scot taking the low road. There have been many. Sarah Smith has certainly made her name. Listened to her on the Today programme on Radio 4, with the wee Tory gobshite Nick Robinson. She was once held at gunpoint by the UDA in their Belfast headquarters so she widnae be fussed by him.

Any mair, of course Eddie Mair, from Reporting Scotland to all sorts in England including PM on Radio 4. Excellent journo. The right wing press went tonto when he stood in for Andrew Marr and interviewed Boris Johnson then Mayor of London asking critical questions about past misdeeds such as lying to a minister, he blustered and avoided, which we are all too familiar with now. Mair said to him "you're a nasty piece of work". Well said Eddie.

There must be more I guess.

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You fur Coffee?

White man speaks with white furry forked tongue. You are a mentalist. Mad Cow on the barbie you mentioned on another thread. I know your pals. Raving mad without this misanthropy.

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White man speaks with white furry forked tongue...


This is a theme today - woke up with run to the hills in my brain for some reason - not a particular fan of NWOBHM but there is the odd good song - then post walk and breakfast (coffee Italian style and toast, I know some people like to know) I switched on the TV and quickly off Marr where Robinson is standing in so over to Talking Pictures and a series called Hawkeye is on which is full of white men playing what were known at the time as Red Indians and its all "White man say" this, "Paleface" that and " Why I not go too". So I switch off and open the bounce and even Big G is at it. What is the world trying to tell me today? I shan't worry about it and go and find something to read, now where is um old Beano...
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