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Well-Known Radge
Thread starter
What's happening there Joe?

Haven't seen you on fitsodjers for a while.... you gone AWOL or been court martialled?
My mistake Doc , thought you meant bounce . Didn’t know you were a sodjer 🤷‍♂️
Yes , kicked off -sine die for being too negative and grumpy 🤷‍♂️ Their loss , bounce’s gain 🤣
Why were you de-frocked from your knighthood 🤔


Well-Known Radge
Thread starter
The name fitsodjers was actually my idea , original name was hibernian footsoldiers ( posh version) . Thats the thanks you get , booted off 🤷‍♂️


Coffee Shop Radge
Acshilly no share aboot bitted , aff yes 🤪
Jist goin on what my dad used to say to my mum at dinner usually after he pulled some stunt like placing a hot teaspoon on her hand... she would say something like "I'll be glad when you're gone under the soil", then ma dad would say, "I'll see your bits aff, hen!".

Took me years to ask what 'bits' dad was referrin' to - and that's why it is bits! :)
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