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Doddie Weir

Sir Shrink

Quite a bit past it radge
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This guy is inspirational.
Doomed to a really shit end of life he is fighting as hard, harder than he played.
He’s funnier than ‘comedians’ I’ve seen and just a brilliant bloke.

MND is a disease from hell but boy is Doddie giving it back.
I’m not a big rugger fan but a couple of hours with Doddie makes me reassess my view.
Anyone remember an old Bouncer who was an ex-marine threatening to ‘kick cancer’s ass’?
He was a top guy, just like Big G’s brave lad.
Just a few examples of bravery that is like a Hollywood script.



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Doddie used to do the post match stuff at Newcastle Faclons, it was always worth waiting for them to come down to the peasants in the back of the West Stand to have him do the Man of The Match presentation.

He is really well respected throughout the rugby world with hardly anybody having a bad word to say about him, genuinely nice guy who is trying his hardest not to let the disease get the better of him

Hibs v Gunts

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