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While the chief puts sunshine on Leith
Nosey bastards :-)
could manage 1 but not 2, sorry mate, hope you find them
It's saying that you've got to clear yer PMs Gaz, I can't reply to yours.

But aye, thats me just in my cot now. Dunno if I'll sleep? You going to the game?
Awright ya radge

I think you have got to post a certain amount before you get PM privileges. Or donate a fiver and you get other stuff.

Just keep posting and see what happens ma man

Cant remember where we are, but we'll find you :-)
sorry mate, seats and tickets gone. But if I hear of anymore I'll send them on
ha,ha,ha, im on the same one. me and my boy. coach E.
we'll have a beer before the ban kicks in edinburgh
Train too, but only half a dozen or so. Are you on train on Sunday? We're on half eight from Leeds.
yeah i live in Normanton, how about you?
Do you travel up to games much? ive managed around 18 games this season, all on the train. i used to drive up a lot but since work put a tracker in my van, its a no no now.
Clear your inbox please
All sorted mate cheers
Sorry mate, only got 1 seat left without taking tickets as well. If you let me know if you'r interested. Charlie
Top is yours mate for 60. Give me yer number and I'll call ya
Normy as in Normanton I take it then? Hello neighbour :-)
ok, great stuff. got 2 spare thats all. wanted to ask with u been in wakefield and all, :)
asked around, just waiting for answers...
We do thanks.
hi uncy, do u and all your mates have tickets for sunday?