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It's saying that you've got to clear yer PMs Gaz, I can't reply to yours.

But aye, thats me just in my cot now. Dunno if I'll sleep? You going to the game?
Awright ya radge

I think you have got to post a certain amount before you get PM privileges. Or donate a fiver and you get other stuff.

Just keep posting and see what happens ma man

ha,ha,ha, im on the same one. me and my boy. coach E.
we'll have a beer before the ban kicks in edinburgh
Train too, but only half a dozen or so. Are you on train on Sunday? We're on half eight from Leeds.
yeah i live in Normanton, how about you?
Do you travel up to games much? ive managed around 18 games this season, all on the train. i used to drive up a lot but since work put a tracker in my van, its a no no now.
Sorry mate, only got 1 seat left without taking tickets as well. If you let me know if you'r interested. Charlie
ok, great stuff. got 2 spare thats all. wanted to ask with u been in wakefield and all, :)
asked around, just waiting for answers...