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No heard from him in ages.Is he still working in the bins?Lets have an Israel debate.Oh that Zitelli!Aye he was pretty good too.Mind his goal against the huns,our pal Pogo missed it going to the bog.

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Deeks, Leigh - wonderful strikers of the ball, Zitelli could dae that tae. Stevie Archibald - just loved it when he signed! .. loved it even mair when he slipped the 2nd past the permed pervert henry smith at their shithole.

Loved Keef keef keef tae

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Zitelli was exciting but fell short I thought.
Archigoal just oozed class. He had a choice of signing for us or Liverpool and chose us. Unthinkable now.

Whatever happened to Zitellis heid? He was an interesting poster, miss his input.


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Leigh is the outstanding candidate for best in my lifetime I think.
Followed by Derek. Fletch and Garry following.

2 of the most naturally talented strikers of a ball.
Both possibly could have done far more.

I seen Keith Wright, Stevie Crawford, Craig Brewster, Mixu and Darren Jackson, but I was too young to really appreciate whether or not they were good.
I can remember liking Dirk Lehmann, record isn't very impressive though. So that might tell its own story ?‍♂️


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Only saw him at the second half of his career with us, looked fat and lazy to my young eyes
Yes Ally McLeod often looked like a man doing an impression of someone wading through treacle but 99 goals in 208 appearances puts him alongside almost any other Hibs striker you care to mention. Maybe not the best Hibs player I've ever seen, but definitely one of my favourites.


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During my time watching Hibs, strikers as good or better than Zitelli include Alan Gordon, Ally McLeod, Gordon Durie, Stevie Cowan, Steve Archibald, Garry O'Connor, Paul and Keith Wright, Derek Riordan, Kenny Miller, Willie Irvine, Darren Jackson and recently Kevin Nisbet.
Difficult to mention Alan Gordon without including Jimmy O'Rourke imo

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Best for me is a peak Derek Riordan

Wow man

The amount of goals from outside the box.....can't think of any other player in Scotland who did that on such a consistent basis

I'm 29 so forgive me for missing out others
I've got a decade on you and Deek would be number 1 for me too. So good.
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