Will you download the Covid-19 app?

Will you download the Covid-19 app?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 28.2%
  • No

    Votes: 28 71.8%

  • Total voters

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There is your excess deaths to date compared against a 5 year death average courtesy of the Financial Times across a range of countries.

This isn't the seasonal flu governments are dealing with here and I am surprised anyone still argues that point.?

This is also the excess deaths within the lockdown restrictions so the computer model calculations of expected deaths outwith lockdown in a more open economy are going to be a whole lot more.?.

Tough choices are on the way especially as the only disease ever totally eradicated by vaccinne is Smallpox.?
Today 40 years ago?
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After reading more reports on the pros & cons of the NHS ‘accenture’ app, I have changed my mind & vote to no. I will wait for the centralised app to fail then probably use the decentralised one that they will fall back to.


Bounce Radge
Same here
And me, I know some folk have privacy issues but I honestly cannae see what else they could find out about you than they are already able to find out, what you eat, how much money you've got, where you go , your political affiliations are already out there.


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If that is the way it works I will be changing the way I just voted. As I understand it though, you will need to be within 2 meters of a covid19 carrier for a period of 15 minutes. I don’t believe it trips if you briefly go past a carrier. I could be wrong J, it wouldn’t be the first time
And if the person coughs?

Supposedly a cloud lingers for 3 hours after.

tayside hibee

Bounce Radge
When s the next flat earth society meeting?
and I don't suppose much social distancing will be going on :gigglle:

for some reason it won't let me quote the last post???


Bounce Radge
And if the person coughs?

Supposedly a cloud lingers for 3 hours after.
Are you asking me something, if you are can you be a bit clearer on what you want advice on please?
Having or not having the app is not going to stop someone coughing on you as you walk past them & it will make the square root of fuck all difference to me because I am not downloading it. If a cloud as you refer to it is lingering for 3 hours, where does it linger? Does it float in the air or does it land on a surface like most virus do? What gives this virus the power of flight? Red Bull?


Bounce Radge
Totally shocked by this news

I am not shocked, it seemed to be the sensible thing to do. If all other major countries use decentralised apps, which seems to be the plan, ours should work the same. It also takes away some of the data gathering capabilities that the original app has

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