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Will you download the Covid-19 app?

Will you download the Covid-19 app?

  • Yes

    Votes: 8 22.9%
  • No

    Votes: 27 77.1%

  • Total voters

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Bounce Radge
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There is your excess deaths to date compared against a 5 year death average courtesy of the Financial Times across a range of countries.

This isn't the seasonal flu governments are dealing with here and I am surprised anyone still argues that point.🤔

This is also the excess deaths within the lockdown restrictions so the computer model calculations of expected deaths outwith lockdown in a more open economy are going to be a whole lot more.😥.

Tough choices are on the way especially as the only disease ever totally eradicated by vaccinne is Smallpox.😥
Today 40 years ago👍
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Bounce Radge
After reading more reports on the pros & cons of the NHS ‘accenture’ app, I have changed my mind & vote to no. I will wait for the centralised app to fail then probably use the decentralised one that they will fall back to.
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