Will Doidge get to 20 for the season


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Loving the big man's attitude, and the work he does for his team mates. His goal tonight took him to 11 for the season.

Injury is the only way I can see the Welsh Goal Machine failing to finish the season with 20+ goals. ????


Was impressed with his work rate and movement, thought he held the ball up very well.

Showed the right kind of instincts to be there to score his goal.

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It's fits and starts with him - no goals in his first 10 league games, 7 in 5, and he hadn't scored in 5 league games before tonight.

I think a fair bit of that is set up, and I hope JR is realizing what works and what doesn't. Going by the last two games, he does.


Bounce Radge
Doidge had a good game last night...even in that awful first half he put himself about well, won balls in the air, and tried to make the most from the meagre service he was getting. He has a good habit of being in the right place in the penalty box when the ball comes to him as we saw again last night. Hamilton had done their homework on Hibs and snuffed out Kamberi and Boyle meaning they couldn't provide any proper service to the big man from wide areas. Scott Allan had an off night as well.
Like all decent strikers he will score goals if he gets decent service. Playing the system we played last night in the first half does him no favours.
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Bounce Radge
He might y'know which absolutely boggles my mind.

His fits and starts goal scoring rate and rather ungainly method of getting his goals isn't pretty but maybe he just isn't a "Hibs style" striker... and maybe that's something we've needed/been missing?

If he gets 20 all arguments against are invalid really.


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Bounce Radge
Every single time a Motherwell, St Johnstone etc gets a big bruiser up top that doesn't give defenders a minutes peace, we're always wondering why we can't find one....the ones we signed in the past didn't work. We finally have one who wins headers and is a nuisance - and getting (albeit ugly) goals.

I'm happy he's here, and hope he does get to 20!


Bounce Radge
He scores ugly.But hey a goal's a goal.Probably will.
I'm thinking the same about ugly goals but I've never much cared for the how they came. A scaff is as good as a worldy 30 yarder. Maybe not as pleasing on the eye but they count just the same.

I'm not sure about 20 goals. It will be close.


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I hope he does , I'd love to şee him be a success
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