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Who Would Want To Work With Leanne Dempster


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If Sutton knows what happened then he’s heard it from Lennon. Lennon’s account of what happened might be very different from our clubs account. I wouldn’t be paying much attention to him.
If that is the case, Lennon may have broken his part of the deal and loses the money?

Ok so i have to ask at this point. Can anyone testify that this guys a hibby with weird and shit opinions rather than a remarkably brazen jambo at the windup? Nobody can be this wrong this often without it being deliberate, surely to god.
The guy is a Hibby and perfectly entitled to his opinion.


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The guy is a Hibby and perfectly entitled to his opinion.
Indeed he is. I just wanted to check, because between the 'celtic should get first dibs', the 'hibs fans were shameful at the cup final' and the 'neil lennon is a folk hero and the board are stealing from us' takes in the last little while, it's hard to pick apart 'opinions i disagree with' from 'opinions i cant believe anyone could genuinely hold'

Hibs v St.Johnstone

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