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Which is your favourite Bear?

Which Bear do you prefer and why?

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get off yer bum an sing radge
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I grew up watching Rupert....love Fozzie from muppets...but stuck with that ol favourite Yogi, cos he is super cool bear. Glad we didn't get any of the blue bears from Glesga. Could have had a few from the hair bear bunch though. Oh when I went to vote for Yogi, I found I could do multiple votes, so went for all three I mentioned :giggley:


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Has to be Biffo for me. I grew up with the Beano and the Dandy. My Dad taught me to read from those comics. Used to get me to read a few sentences when he came home from work and if I made no mistakes I would get a penny, an absolute fortune for a four-year-old in the late forties. Must have made quite a few mistakes as I don't recall ever getting a penny, but I do remember greetin' a lot at no' getting said pennies!


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Hair bear bunch. Help! help!

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Chester Perry

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He has a statue in West Princes Street Gardens. I used to visit him in Edinburgh Zoo with my dad when I was a wee boy. Genuine hero.
You lucky bugger.

My dziadek would go visit him in the zoo, he’d call to him in Polish and Wojtek would come over. He’d talk to him in Polish and fed him cigarettes.


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Sorry folks I put up the bears that came immediatleyto mind,,I knew others would be mentioned.


A message to you, radge
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It's frothy man - Cresta Bear was a cool dude. Way cooler than the Fox's Glacier mints bear.
From Moaty's list, Rupert, great theme tune.


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For some reason, best known to my dad, he was a Daily Express reader, and Rupert Bear was one of the cartoon strips.I would read it and think 'well that was shit' and then I would read Quimby and I would think'well that was shit'thankfully my parents went on to get the Observer and I would see Peanuts and I would think'that was good.'.
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