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Half Time Draw Where is Ron?


Radge Donator
Radge Donator
Bounce Radge
Get here now. We need to hear good things. We need to hear plans. We need some scope and direction. We need fuckin galvanised.

This is Hibs ya bass. No some fuckin toy.

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We need to see action. Eg signing better players than the ones we have released.

Soon as hibs talk you know it’s BS

The day Dempster announces we are staying with ticket master. E ticket system is actually worse than last season


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Bounce Radge
Far far too much time, money and effort goes in to the non football side of things. Was browsing .Net and some boy listed the staff behind the scenes. The list was astronomical. Cut some of that fat and concentrate on the playing side of things. Hibernian FC has become far too corporate for my liking.
Someone listed all that on a bounce thread 🤔


Radge Donator
Radge Donator
Bounce Radge
I wouldn’t expect these to reappear if I’m being honest but looking at lots of different areas and initiatives.

I just don’t want to get your hopes up to something that may not happen.

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Who decides? Dempster?the board?

Hibs v Gunts

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