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We'll see his mindset when the interview arrives.
If he says we can take some positives from today then........

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Lost Effe we replace him with Jackson, lost McNulty we replace with Doidge, Marv Milligan we get Veila. Defence now old and Newell looks garbage. Huns are better now but we are weaker!

Doidge and Newell are out their depth here, for sure. But tbf Mallan was a lot worse than Vela today, who at least tried and will come good for us. Mallan did nothing. Not even sure if he got off the team bus.

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Have a word Heck, we could have been down by 6/7 before the Red card came into it, have the balls to admit your concerning tactics were all wrong and you set us up wrong today also...I would like to see the Hibs TV interview and how Cliff the Hecky puppet gets out saying any positive comments from that brutal performance.

Go on Cliff " at least we didn't lose 11/12 1 eh!! "


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Did the club post the picture of Hecky with the hour glass on Twitter before or after the match?

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Who in the squad are the replacements for Marvin Bartley and Spike Milligan? Josh Vela? To be fair both Bartley and Milligan were past their best but the midfield has no ball winner or grafter. The midfield is far too lightweight and the balance is nowhere near right similar to last season. Today Whittaker was shown up by the opposition and Mackie's inexperience showed. Injuries hampered the team selection no doubt.


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Guys lets get honest here. Lets go back four, Whittaker, Gray, McGregor, Stevenson, all getting on and all have been long term injuries in the last season or so and have to be replaced. We have a non exsistant midfield, who once upon a time have all had great games, just they never had them all on the same day. Where was Mallan today, was he awol, what did Vela do, was he also awol, keep on going on about Horgan another who lasted once again only fuckin 57 mins, is there a major problem there or do we pay guys wages to see them for an hour. McGinn will be shaking his head now at that performance and it was him that brought out the best in the rest. There were two players on that pitch today I'd keep and I bet we all know who they are Rocky and Scotty. How the fuck do you arrange the rest around those two. FFS those players that have been brought in are unbelievably fuckin terrible and what did they contribute today. If I were Newall or Doidge or Vela I'd be looking in the mirror and saying I'm supposed to be an SPL player not a fucking amatuer in the school league. Pull yirsels towards yirsels ya bunch of muppets.