What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?


I ordered a chinese meal as I worked 15 hours today. Will do lunch the morn too. Watching question time, fuck knows why.
Tea time had Viana-Organic Vegan Bratwurst Sausages with v mayo and side salad.
Washed down with a Supadupa IPA 6% ABV, UberQuell brewery Hamburg.


There’s a vegan hot dog stand on Leith Links on Sundays now @GORDONSMITH7 has a few other things too

I may give it a try on Sunday, pity the Bottom Shop willnae be open to grab a cold one to wash it down with. What level are we on now? What does it mean? Is there Life on Mars? Wee Sturgeon hasnae done anything without letting on to me has she?



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Waa shattered after long post round in rain/wind aaand fùkkin tyre blowout etc great fn day all round... but stew of pork sausage with var greeneries and sweet onion and garlic on tomato dressing with fibrous pasta (is that a thing or amma mental?)

Watchin Siren binge, no sure about the aquanotics but fancy er rotten - and drinkin bottle of Medoc I bought by 'accident'. I asked the girl at the checkoot to checkoot the price of the wine and she said '12 euro'. '₣ffffffuuuuucccckk I was well into before she added 'but it's on offer for 7.50' so I went wi that.

And it is fukkén subLIME.


Watching Dr. No, drinking some diluting lemon (off the bevy so no vodka martini), scranning some cheese and crackers.
Supper, Leek and potato soup, half baguette.

Schwarz, 4.9 ABV, Buro Brauerei, Pfalz. Great black lager.


Watching The Story of the Style Council on Sky arts.


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Decided to rewatch the last series of The Sopranos the other day..binge watched my way thru' it quite quickly. I hadn't seen it since it was on tv so had forgotten quite a bit. Two things struck me....how good the writing was (characterisations) and the time given for the stories to develop..it had 20 odd episodes..most modern series seem to have around a dozen max. Really enjoyable seeing it again. Made a nice chilli the day, washed down wi a ribena light (have more or less knocked the bevy on the head these days).
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Meant to be off the bevvy but having a couple of IPAs, watching match of the day still a bit gutted about Hibs tonight. Ffs.

Had a lentil daal and a tattie and spinach curry earlier on

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