What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?


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Paneer and spinach curry with pickles and a paratha tonight early doors and a small portion as play fives ( badly ) on Monday nights..

Alcohol free ipa and cheese and oatcakes coming up soon
Nicking 150 calories each day from miserly daily diet allowance. Just to keep the spirits up you understand.

Getting stuck into my New York stash....start spreading the news.

Captain Lawrence ( not to be confused with greencol when he was top man on the fishing boats) Brewing Company, Westchester County, NY.

Effortless Grapefruit IPA, 4.5%




Made beef stir fry with udon noodles in a oyster and spring onion sauce, a bottle of Brewdog Lost Lager and the Gunts getting a game against Inverness reserves on the radio.


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Salmon, brocolli, peas , mashed tatties, pint of water and a peppermint tea to follow

Still reading Stuart Cosgrove northern soul book, going to buy the new Nutmeg scottish football publication from Porty bookshop tomorrow


Chinese Chicken and Vegan Coleslaw (Morrisons shitey version, ALDI have stopped selling their excellent version, the bastards), shiraz by the pint and watching Hibs TV, hang, go off, jump about, go fuzzy, stop working and make random noises interspersed with snippets of pretty poor action to the broken up but excellent commentary of Cliff and Tam. Thank fuck I didnae buy over grands worth of season tickets eh?


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Pasta with tomatoes, garlic, green beans, spicy salami from the excellent east coast cured.

alcohol free IPA and Bombay mix watching snoozefest at ER


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
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Take it easy with all that Hipster p1sh. Last thing we need right now during a pandemic is you stoating about Leith in a check shirt and braces combo with facial fungi in a beard hammock and jeans turned up above your DM’s. Millie Tant with a Boaby ken?

Your Navajo forefathers would be turning in their burial sites were this to happen.

End of x


Coffee Shop Radge
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Listening on YouTube: Deep Roots Reggae Selection (Vol.1)

Watching: computer screen, rooting out unneeded plugins on client's WP website.

Eating: peppermint chewing gum, "XyliFresh"


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