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What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?


Bounce Radge
A lot of people say they love food.I have yet to meet anyone say they hate food and they get force fed 3 times a day.


Bounce Radge
Omg.. Think I'll stick with the broccoli.
I’m a broccoli enthusiast too..

do you ever have more than one item on the plate?

had pasta with home made pesto, some roast veg and salad for tea, local shop nearly cleaned out of bevvy had to get a couple of san miguel


Having a jam roll and coffee for brekky reading the bounce before work starts in earnest.


I do my big shop on a Friday evening, less rednecks in the shops out here in Outer West Lothian. I often have to do a mini shop Thursday for a loaf and stuff, and buy the out of date bread for my new pals, the wild birds of West Lothian (Shrink was in the Betamax Video version of that, the Family went to school with them).

Tonight I got family sized Raspberry Trifle for 8p. I am having it on a couple of ciabatta seeded rolls(6p for two) for my tea. I think they call it Fusion Food? Drinking Diet Bitter lemon and reading the interweb with the radio on.


Bounce Radge
Wife made a kale in harissa with chorizo and haloumi concoction last night. Sounded weird, tasty pretty nice. Washed down with some grapefruit wheat beer. Maybe the most middle class thing ever.


I had chicken and salad as planned. I woke up at 2am, projectile vomited for half and hour and now feel like a burst couch. It was either the chicken, the salad, or my nausea around the red shite winning the league.


Bounce Radge
Twice cooked chips and fresh breaded Haddock, both deep fried. Not the healthiest way of cooking but definitely the tastiest.
Washing it down with Malfy blood orange gin which is rather superb 👌🏻
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