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Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
I tried a pizza express gf pizza, and it was a bit like cardboard, I do quite like a pizza, but thats the food that made me realise I had to go to the doctors.

Might have a look at pizza hut sometime.
Cheers 👍
Takes a couple of attempts to get it right but this recipe is bang on

Started this DVD box set. Well I am a Marxist.


Had a bowl of homemade Kimchi. Drank Pomegranate juice.
Fell in love with Kimchi several months ago however read that supermarket shelf product is pasteurized with the loss of good bacteria benefits. I am making it in staggered batches so I can eat it daily. Two Chinese supermarkets in Leith Walk ensures appropriate fresh ingredients.

'Mon, the Cabbage.



Doc Shrink

Retired Radge
Co op pork and chorizo burgers topped with manchago cheese with naked fries and salsa.
Drinking strongbow
I refused to drink Strongbow for years after it was Gunt sponsor.

Thought it was shit cider.

Not because of the Gunt connection.
Yes of course that’s a lie.
I was a big fan of that other mob that had Hibs connections. Crabbies?
Different class obviously.


Thread starter
Back on track with the thread, maple pork belly slices, vegan coleslaw and tattie salad, Jam Shed and the bounce. My multi national company were bought by a bigger multi national company today. Shoot the rich.

Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
Angel cut haddock steaks in gf breadcrumbs,chips,mushy peas and broon sauce.
Haddock was the best I've tasted,tried a new shop which claims to sell fish landed the same day.
Some merlot I got from the co op.
Watching Designated survivor


Legendary Radge
Had lunch out at Holyrood 9a it was fine pretty average fare really.

Just soup and a roll for tea tonight
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Two of these earlier with Branson baked beans. Splendid.

Recommended to me by Forza.


Now sipping yellow tail Jammy Red Roo.
Watching A View From The Terrace - The Wee Films. Lots of Hibernian content.

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