What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?


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the asda van has just gone and we're having walkers cheese and onion crisps we appear to be watching countryfile.Not really my choice but I've had a very frustrating day trying to get my firestick to work.Don't know what's wrong.


Had roast brisket with Yorkshire puddings, home made roast tatties and cauliflower in a cheese sauce. A Rioja, caught up with today’s Biathlon World Cup races and topped off with a hoose measure of Balvenie


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I picked up sausage roll flavoured crisps during my weekly shop. Just had a bag, they are weirdly nice. Washed down with orange and ginger tea, finished work so peeking at the bounce.


Just tanned bacon, caramelised onions, tattie scones, lorne sausage, a fried egg and a full haggis. A wee Balvenie and now watching re runs of Friends because the alternative is that fuckin arsehole Johnston on the news.


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Just had dusted basa fillets with peas and tartare sauce, a glass of diluting orange and a swatch of the bounce.


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Veggie haggis, tatties and neeps, two large drams of Shackleton, browsing the Bounce while the wife watches Long Lost Family.

Braehead Cabbage

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Veggie haggis, tatties and neeps, two large drams of Shackleton, browsing the Bounce while the wife watches Long Lost Family.
No a fan of blends but got given a bottle of Shackleton and its a decent drop
Gluten free mcsweens haggis lasagne.
Normally talk myself down in everything I do but I genuinely reckon is could sell this its that good.
Large Highland park Dragon legend.
Cannae be doing with Burns but its also my brothers birthday today and we always had haggis cause he liked and hee haw to do with the masonic poet

Sir Shrink

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Had something chickenish. Peas and chips. Rioja Reserva. Then realised it was either Burns day yesterday today or tomorrow. No matter. Opened a malt. Had a couple.
Not what you’re thinking ya weirdo.
How quiodoes a Boyle of malt reduce?

Hibee Kev

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The missus made a decent haggis, neeps, and tatties last night. Been doing dry January and got some Erdinger alcohol free beers in at the weekend, actually pretty good. The Peroni ones aren't bad either.
Teatime, small bowl h.m. leek and tatties soup. Whole air fried caramalised cauliflour head. Cans of Aussie craft beer. Salted Caramel Shake IPA. 6% brewed by 3 Ravens,Melbourne.

Later on started watching Series 8 and last ever of the magnificent and best crime drama ever imo Spiral , made in conjunction with BBC 4. What a journey.

Bottle of Louis Raynald, Chateauneuf du Pape opened to celebrate.


Shake your money maker.



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Mussells in tomato and chilli sauce, a brioche roll for dipping, shiraz, the interweb and radio scotland.
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