What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?

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Following on from some Toffee mates....

What you're eating.
What you're drinking.
What you're watching.

Can we do this every beginning of the weekend?


Thread starter
Following on from some Toffee mates....

What you're eating.
What you're drinking.
What you're watching.

Can we do this every beginning of the weekend?

What you're eating - Just finished a pizza, with meatballs, chorizo, pancetta, peppers and sun dried tomatoes with garlic.

What you're drinking - A decent glass of McGuigans Merlot, those that know know.

What you're watching. - Awaiting Still Game, I am watching Not Going Out and learning anger management.



Easy Now Radge
I ate a meat & potato pie and chips from the best chippy in Wales. Broon sauce on my pie, vinegar on me chips. Living the dream.

I'm currently drinking a bucket of Fosters Gold ( 4 for 8 blabs) and watching the Blackburn game on the big screens in the clubhouse.

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Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
I was eating a sausage casserole I made earlier
I am drinking a cup of coffee.
I am watching Still Game.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
What you're eating.
Chocolate digestives. Pub didn't have nuts and I couldn't be bothered going to the kebab shop.

What you're drinking.
Just finished drinking lots of cider.

What you're watching.
The wimims version of the full monty. Mrs Jack is watching it. I'm typing this and could well be in bed before it finishes.

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Early night!!!!


Eating: cajun chicken with guacamole and a load of roasted veg.
Drinking: water
Aye, I'm on a bloody diet
Watching: Designated Survivor on Netflix


Coffee Shop Radge
just finished some Dekamarkt own brand 'superchips'. That's crisps with extra big ridges.

Just had a wee glass o cheapo ubersweet wine which you can imagine with a bit of creative fantasy is a peerless, rich port.

Watchin Ingurland play shit cricket in stunning, green NZ.


Easy Now Radge
Just had a barry Indian meal in the Bengal Dynasty. We had chicken pakora and a mixed tandoori grill to start, then went for a lamb sindhi (first time, amazing!) with onion rice and a peshwari naan. It. Was. The. Bollox.

Been drinking Corona with lime all day. With a few whisky chasers of course.

Now sitting on train back to oor bit watching the most beautiful sunset over Conwy Castle. Bliss.

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Sauzee's Teeth

I Was There And Went Radge
Eating - wee Mini Egg chocolate cake bar thing
Drinking - can of Irn-Bru
Watching - James Acaster: Repertoire on Netflix

Hibee Kev

Legendary Radge
Eating - nibbling on some pretzels
Drinking - a nice can of Czech Budvar
Watching - Derby v Mackems, soon to be catching up on some Walking Dead


Legendary Radge
Eating - Chilli Nuts ( from Aldi, are very good )

Drinking - just opened a Peroni, first of the night.

Watching - BBC 10pm News, will watch Championship highlights on Channel 5 after.

my ( chef ) missus working tonight so had sausages, beans, oven chips and garlic bread for tea with the bairn washed down with strong tea, was no bad.

tayside hibee

Well-Known Radge
Been out had a homemade double cheeseburger ( with a coke and then water(
Now having a Belhaven best with Haig clubman chaser
Watching the bounce and some others cause the wife and birthday girl are watching some Ru Paul shit on Netflix

Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
eating gluten free Sichuan beef(when you're coeliac it's hard to have takeaways)
Drinking the as wine as [MENTION=813]1875[/MENTION]
watching Requiem
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