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What have you been up to in LOCKDOWN?


Bounce Radge
Been moving back into my sideline of matched betting, there was nothing to bet on for a while but its starting to improve and the bookie odds are often easily scalped.

I've been trying to walk every day, planning to build up to 5k. I managed 3k yesterday in 75 minutes with my two kids. This may take some time.

I've been planning to learn how to do pivot tables properly in excel. I haven't managed to keep focus for long enough yet.
About the same as this. Matched betting. I am managing an 8k untimed wander with the dug. Foraging, litter picking, cutting the auld yins grass before they get lost in the jungle, weeded the community garden, cleared away the burnt down community shed.

Yesterday I had Ā£200 from Betfreds casino offer playing blackjack. And Ā£50 from somewhere else on their slots offer, Ladbrokes didnt want to part with anything yesterday. But for an outlay of Ā£30 it was a decent day.
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