What have you been up to in LOCKDOWN?


Bounce Radge
What have you got round to after ages of putting it off?

Today I've started to regrout the shower.

I took the power washer, what a mess but good fun, to the old grout and grime and it worked well. Didn't do such a good job on the sealant round the bottom.

Tomorrow I'll be a contortionist applying fresh grout and sealant.

What's everyone else been up to?


I am working longer hours during the week, been doing the garden an surrounds the last few weeks and fair enjoyed it.


Bounce Radge
Cleaning up the flat, cutting the grass, watching TV, and looking after my elderly dad by taking essential shopping and other stuff for him. Daily exercise is a run/jog for about an hour most days with a few sprints at the local playing fields, alternately a long walk. Missing the gym/swimming and my fitness classes big time.
For once in my life ( as Stevie Wonder once sang), i'm actually looking forward to getting back to work hopefully soon.
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Bounce Radge
Had a nice cycle round East Lothian made pizza for dinner and now relaxing with a G&T.
I’m in the fortunate position of being able to work from home but it seems like my workload is even higher than normal with no allowances being made fir the current situation. Also missing the football (both playing and watching) something rotten!


Skivin cooncil Radge
Bounce Radge
Delivering prescriptions for a local pharmacy still, and then pottering about the house and garden.
I've started listening to music again. Something I've neglected for quite a while.
Reading has become a big part of the evening, too.


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Bounce Radge
Daily exercise - bought some cardio equipment and set up an area in the attic as I’m used to going to the gym regularly.

Doing a lot more cooking than normal.

Keeping the parentals stocked up on decent food.

Jacked in contracting role at the end of Feb to hope something better came along and to have a couple of months to study like F to improve the CV. Then Corona kicked in a few weeks later so job market is goosed and I have done about 1 hour studies. Loads of material here but exams all stopped so it isn’t giving me the push I need. Should also do an hour a day German which used to be ok standard.

House clear out. Done some but loads still to do and loads of time wasted on Netflix/Prime/Twitter.

Home/Garden Improvements. Got a few things ordered but hopeless at DIY and handyman Old Man is isolated.

I find that I need deadlines to get sh1t done!!
Or a list so wrote one up the other day and will start to tick things off.

Also need to stop ordering things off the Internet - mostly trainers - even when sale prices are ridiculously low.


Bounce Radge
Gardening, chopped down a ugly ass council hedge outside the flat and put roses and other flowers in. Chillies growing indoors.

Exercise like weights and punchbag workouts, and take the kids out for there daily walk or kick the ball about outside so they don’t go stir crazy.

Ifield Hibee

Bounce Radge
I work for a Local Authority in the South of England. My role is in IT Project Management so that is not a priority and things are being postponed.

I am currently making phones calls to vulnerable residents mostly elderly to make sure they have food, medication, utilities (gas and electric if they have prepaid keys or cards) and arranging and making deliveries of these. In most cases they just want to have a chat because they are not seeing family and friends so we ask them if they would like a regular call weekly or a couple of times a week. I treat each call as if I was phoning my own 86 year old mum.

It's a million miles away from what I normally do for my salary but it is really uplifting and fulfilling.

I think this situation has brought about a change in social environments and people in the town I live in are really stepping forward to help others. it would be great if it continues to some extent after this is all finished.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
Been moving back into my sideline of matched betting, there was nothing to bet on for a while but its starting to improve and the bookie odds are often easily scalped.

I've been trying to walk every day, planning to build up to 5k. I managed 3k yesterday in 75 minutes with my two kids. This may take some time.

I've been planning to learn how to do pivot tables properly in excel. I haven't managed to keep focus for long enough yet.


Bounce Radge
Working full time from home and home schooling a stroppy 9 year old. Whilst I completely understand why we are on lockdown I must admit I'm finding it tougher as each day passes. The amount of homework the wee one gets takes us about 4 hours a day and I have to try and fit in a 9 hour shift. Anyway I know there is folk out there alot worse off than us but it's good to vent at times as Facebook full of all these wonderful mums baking and rocking it ?


Bounce Radge
A couple of days ago I took a lot of photos of my mum's old photos,the idea being that I could file share from my computer to my firestick,but it didn't go smoothly.I tried to set up a programme on firestick using a you tube video,but I kept on having to stop it to either take notes or to try and make head nor tails of the guy's accent.So I set that allright, then I had to look at my firewall to put in a script that it didn't stop this app.Then I had to look up my ip adrress make changes there.Then it suggested I join some site which makes these things run smoother then I had to look up my router site in order that I port forward my ip,but I couldn't see the button ,so i was kind of stuck,plus my internet went down,and I also lost my photos somewhere in the internet super highway.So I'm kind of back to square one.
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