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Wage cuts


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Bounce Radge
Did we not furlough players Sammy?

The Government has paid a chunk for a few months, we’ve deferred some of Hibs share and now that the furlough scheme changes from 1st August we have started a review - hoping to agree wage cuts - with the review period coinciding somewhat with the date when the Govt contribution reduces.

They’re not that daft?


Bounce Radge
Players weren’t on full pay at any point Sam. Even if not furloughed they were on basic only with no appearance or points bonus.
So. A bit off the mark there, but terrific rant nonetheless.
My rants are often just for affect as you well know by now though I stand by the principals of course and have long had no sympathy for footballers on their myriad of financial deals from basic wages/goals scored/games won/appearances made/ beers sunk or hotties shagged😉.

On the furlough question its £600 a week up to £2,500 a month which won't come particularly close to a full time squad members basic.

I never did pick up if Hibs applied for this but would be surprised if they didn't.


Note to self:
Make this the last time you have a wee tantrum on this subject.😀😉
I did the same after my rant about "whatever they are called this week" yesterday, I instantly regretted it after some of the subsequent comments blaming others for their failure.


Bounce Radge
In terms of Ron, there is a lot of supporters questioning him, and rightly so but IMO we need to be realistic. Being worth as much as he is, do we really think he'd come all the way across the Atlantic just to **** us over and make a couple of million quid out of us? Let’s not be silly. We are a medium - long term project for him. He'll invest when the time is right (we know his vision/plans from the AGM), but only an idiot would lump money in just now. We need to give him the benefit of the doubt. Right now is the time more than ever, that we need to get behind everyone at the football club. So lets continue to keep doing that!

Better days will come again.


Top radge
So the SFA has secured a partner for loans. A merchant bank called close brothers.
Apparently clubs individual banks all refused, so they approached the SFA to help.
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