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Tracey Smith Stands Down As Supporter Director


Shameless Radge
Bounce Radge
I would be surprised if there wasn't the option to co-opt a replacement fans rep. It would make sense to approach the runner up rather than the rigmarole of another election at this time (when we're all quite busy with other stuff and elections!!)
No sure that’s an option,at least 1 of them has been abusive towards Hibs staff on Facebook....


Bounce Radge
This thread makes sad reading although unfortunately it does not surprise me as we have some absolute arseholes pretending to be supporters.
I don’t know Tracey but she has my support and sympathy. As I posted a few months ago, I really admire the job the fan reps (Tracey and @Power) do, it’s a thankless task and must be particularly challenging given our season so far, massive respect to you both 👏🏻👏🏻.

Hopefully this is being investigated further with steps taken to address the “root causes” but more importantly Tracey is ok, can move on and get back to supporting Hibs with less pressure and certainly less hassle.
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