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Legendary Radge
I was at Pirrie St scaffie dept.Now the crew strangely enough were made up o f Jambos because the majority had been decanted there from Russell Rd,I had ended up there from Powderhall.Anyway these tubes some of them were die hard Jambos who wore it as a badge of honour week in week out.But some of them had come out of the closet as Jambos only about a month leading up to the game.Now there was two things.The guys who had joined from Russell Road had joined Unison,the guys -and at that time they were guys who had come from Powderhall were T+G.I was the T+G steward.
Anyway this was the last day of the shift and each last day it was agreed informally that one guy would be left behing to clean the howff, mop the floors and fuck off.Now it just so happened it was my turn. So sure enough ,I got he job done and fucked off to Easter Rd.I got to Easter Rd in time to see the second half.When the game finished I heard the news and rushed back to Pirrie St to laugh at the sad fuckers washing the motors.Needless to say I got the hoses turned on me,but by that time I was past caring because I was laughing my tits off.
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