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This season is done... What about next?


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Radge Donator
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I don't agree with the view that Shaw needs to be sent out on loan. He has already been out on loan and at 20 years old he is either good enough to be a regular starter up front for Hibs now or he isn't. A big decision is going to have to be made on him very soon IMO. If Heckingbottom does not see him as a regular then he would be better off moving on to a club where he would be a regular starter. In my view the lad has the talent and the ability but he lacks self-confidence and belief in himself.

Sir Shrink

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He needs to bulk up a bit too. He’s easily bullied and knocked about.

Green Sleeves

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Radge Donator
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We've been spoilt for keepers this season but that might come to an end soon.

Next season Bogdan will be back to Liverpool and I'd be surprised if we hold on to Rocky. His exploits wont have gone unnoticed. Fingers crossed he stays.

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