They tried to make me go to rehab


Bounce Radge
Quite simply 'all will be barry'.

Ye need anything, ye message me.

Sempre verde 07

Bounce Radge
I said, aye OK

I’m finally admitting I’m not in control. I’m going to rehab tomorrow. It’s pretty scary. But I want to live.

I’ve been numbing myself for about 30 years.

I can’t erase the sexual abuse I suffered as a child. So I obfuscate it and pretend it doesn’t bother me.

I’m only posting this because I hope others can see they’re not alone and that we can change what happened and change our futures.

And I’m high. For hopefully the last time.

Apologies for this melodrama.

Wish me luck.

Brave post, stay strong and good luck.


Bounce Radge
All the best mate, know a few who have successfully come out the other end.


You can do this Kris...

Maybe not in the same league as you but I gave up smoking, both fags and weed 2 years ago, never felt so good as I do now. No more being lazy or being down. I have a great friend that helped me.

Your friends are here if you need us.

Kick its ass matey.



tayside hibee

Bounce Radge
Good luck mate Im sure you will get on top off your demons . Reaching out for help is a great start.
Take care.


Bounce Radge
You off to Castle Craig?

All the best with it pal, you have plenty friends on here.
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