The Specials and Riots in Edinburgh

vasco de gama

Bounce Radge
The 100 greatest UK No 1s: No 2, The Specials – Ghost Town

My memories of this time are that The Specials, The Jam, Madness, and erm, Toyah, were massive. Ghost Town was huge and I can remember ‘dancing’ to it at some holiday camp disco my estranged dad had taken us to. I also vividly remember the riots on the tv and I do remember reports of riots in Dundee but don’t remember anything in Edinburgh but this article specifically mentions Edinburgh. Anybody able to confirm this?


Bounce Radge
I don't remember any riots as such but relations between young people in the schemes and the police were very tense at the time and the riots in England were watched very closely. Indeed a cop was stabbed in a fight between skinhead gangs in Edinburgh the following year. This caused a real hatred between the cops and some of the skinheads a the time.
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