The Sheep V Hibernian


Not seen any club pre match interviews thsi week, but I would presume there is a tiny bit more spring in the step of the manager and players after a decent performance v Celtc and a good result down a Killie? We all know the corner is not turned and whilst the sheep are struggling, they always give us a hard game up in the frozen north.

I am heading up with a car full, but expect that ony 500 hardy souls will make the long drive north?

On the team front, only change I foresee from last Saturday is Porto replacing Jackson, so my suggested Hecky line up is:

Maxwell to continue his decent run in the team

James, who had a very good game last week

Porto, because he makes us better

Paul, who plays better when beside Porto

Lewis, of course.

Hallberg, who I really think is coming on to a game

Vela in and around Hallberg, as that is the Hecky way

Middleton on the left, as that is the Hecky way

Mallan on the right, as that was Hecky's way last week and it worked a bit

Scotty through the middle behind....

Doidge, who done a shift last week but needs to get the goals in?

What are your thoughts?

See some of you in the tundra the morn.

Fit like?

Hibernian Forever!

Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
I'd love to see another striker on and I still think 3-5-2 is the way to go while we are goal-shy.

I'd pick:

Whittaker Porto Hanlon
James Hallberg Lewy
Doidge Kamberi

@1875 has the more likely line-up though.

Given that the Heckster will play 4-5-1 I'm expecting a dishwater 1-1 draw. Still better than I might have been expecting after the derby mind you...

I just can help feeling that with a bit of confidence we have the bodies to go up there and give the sheep a bloody nose while they are licking their wounds from last week, but hey ho.

Wheat Hound

Radgie, Gadgie, Onion Badgie Radge
Bounce Radge
I'll be there and looking forward to it as for the first time in a while we've some positives to build on. BUT we need to put on a performance here to build on it as a flat performance puts us back to square 1.

We get the 1st goal and the home crowd could turn putting the opposition under pressure for a change.

Want to see Middleton getting more involved and running at their full backs who looked anything but comfortable at ibrox last week. He really could do with laying down a marker.

1-0 win for us with a Doidge header 😃

Hibee Kev

Bounce Radge
Hoping we rekindle the spirit of 2012 where we romped to our last away win v The Sheep with goals from Sean O'Hanlon and, er, an own goal. At least GMS no longer plays for them as he was usually good for a goal or penalty (dive) against us!


Muirhouse Radge
Bounce Radge
Pretty much same team as last week but Porteous in for Jackson.

Dunno what to expect from this game. The Smellies... game gave us some hope but all in all we could have been dead n burried if Smellies... took there chances. But we got away with a draw and a little confidence boost so hopefully we take that onto this game.


Justified Radge
Bounce Radge
Not won at Pittodrie for SEVEN YEARS now. Bring back three points from the grey tundra, and we can start talking about corners being turned...


Bounce Radge
I always get a bad feeling when we are playing a team that has been hammered the week before. The Sheep are under massive pressure to beat Hibs tomorrow and I expect them to throw everything at us from the start. This game IMO will be equally as difficult for Hibs as the Smellies... game was last Saturday. We have a terrible record at Pittodrie so it's about time we got a decent result up there. If Hibs score first that will just add to the pressure on their players, so hopefully we can get that first goal. I think it will be the same team as last week but with Porteous replacing Adam Jackson. Going for a 1-1 draw which would be a good result.


Bounce Radge
See us try to contain them for the first hour, then maybe open things up. Seems the Heckingbottom way.


Bounce Radge
Hibs win.


Bounce Radge
Same team minus one ‘enforced’ change. Same commitment (but more bravery going forward and ‘working the second phase’ as my Slovenian pal said last Saturday) will result in Hibernian win.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
I think you’re spot on with the team - liking the look of Hallberg - I wonder if he was. Hecky or procurement team choice


Bounce Radge
That lot will get at least one penalty. Total nap.
Yep. My brother reckons The Sheep are masters at conning referees into penalties during a game, particularly late on in a game. They do get a ridiculous amount of penalties when you look at the stats.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
Yep. My brother reckons The Sheep are masters at conning referees into penalties during a game, particularly late on in a game. They do get a ridiculous amount of penalties when you look at the stats.
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