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The Athletic


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Bounce Radge
Lot of buzz in recent weeks about this new online Sports publication taking top journalists from other established organisations.

Funding comes from subscriptions (discounted now to £29.99 for the year) with the promise of no advertising.

I was loathe to finally pay for online content but subscribed yesterday and it’s a promising start.

Heckingbottom article appeared this morning with a lot of new information I was unaware of.

He was told about the change of owner 24hrs before Big Ron was announced.....and swiftly told there would be no change to his budget.

He was asked to reduce the average age of the squad.

11 players gone (5 out of contract and 6 loans),
7 players in with now only 2 contracts expiring next summer. Think its just Maxwell on loan deal with Middleton another due to Boyle injury so clearly a shift to get permanent deals.

Back to “The Athletic”. They have an assigned journo to all EPL, selected top EFL clubs and usual big guns from other league including the Weedge duo. Scottish league is also covered along with Bundesliga, La Liga.

Launched 3 years ago in the US and following same model here with hope of getting 100k subscribers to cover £10m set up costs including “aggressive” hiring of staff from BBC, Guardian, Independent, ESPN etc
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