Thanks bounce tours


Bounce Radge
Aye i will totaly agree with big Mixu!! Great tour, magic venue!! Great day out, apart from the score but we can hold that against you:applause:

Chuck Rhoades

Since 1875
Bounce Radge
FAO Bounce Admins

Buses were superb. The club we went to was class and very well organised. Thanks a bunch for a great day out.

Keep the faith.

Mon Dieu

Bounce Radge
Great set-up and a perfect pre-match experience. Cheers for another great Bounce Tour!

Same time next year, hopefully.

Sir Shrink

Quite a bit past it radge
Bounce Radge
Great work by the organisers.
Proud to be a Bouncer.

Nice to meet a few 'names' too.

Good stuff.


Bounced Out!
Thanks for letting me join the Bounce tours. Venue was great (apart from some folk i saw there :giggle:) and had a good laugh on the bus back until it broke down

Cheers for organising it guys.


Fucking gutted :cry

That the crabbies sold out within an hour :shock: :rollfloor:rollfloor:rollfloor:rollfloor:rollfloor


Bounce Radge
A big big thank you to the Bounce organisers for the buses and pre match venue today it was top class guys :10:
A far cry from pissin' in the showers at last years venue.

Gotta say the folk at Giffnock(was that what it was?)were helpful and friendly and gave us a really warm welcome, I thanked several of them. Took away a souvenir of the day in the form of one of those long Crabbies drip mats, with the blessings of our hosts of course and in return gave a generous donation to their charity box.
Even managed to put some names to faces, kind of forgot who as I seem to have the memory of a Goldfish just now.
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