Summer 2021 Rumours

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Just A Radge
I heard a coupla Rumours. Celtic told Griffiths you can Go Your Own Way. He said he wanted to break The Chain and return to a club where people said he was Never Going Back Again, but he said these were his Dreams and I Don't Want To Know all this Second Hand News.
Apparently Fleetwood macs second album is their best. I don't know if that's true, its only rumours I've heard.


Mad Hibees Radge
Heard that Man U are chasing McGinn. Heard from a good hibby who doesn't normally engage in unsubstantiated chat!


Muirhouse Radge

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Green tinted specs

Southside Radge
I thought this was the new norm, certainly a lot less chatter regarding signing targets coming out of ER the last year or so. Only when we have actually signed someone has it been announced.


Skivin cooncil Radge
Or they end up at Aberdeen saying we wanted them.
And all Aberdeen has to do is ask their sugar daddy chairman for the readies, and being a man of the world he says ' stop messin' 'round', we've been looking for somebody , and he's comin' home'.
Oh well.


Thread starter
All very slow so far. Jackson Irvine’s future hopefully be sorted out soon, one way or the other, now that the Aussie’s have finished their run of games.
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