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Full Time: St Murn 1 v 3 Hibs


Bounce Radge
i think we'll struggle getting one goal nevermind two
near 2nd goal there
we're all over the place in defence
'pathetic' according to Kris Commons at half time.
fortunately other team are honking!
hook Mallan now
SDG lucky to stay on pitch
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On holiday Radge
Bounce Radge
anybody else have buy a Sky day pass to see the St Mirren match? the quality is pretty good but says Main Event which I already have don't get it. £3m for John McGinn according to coverage where's it all gone? I'm in love with Hayley McQueen though....
She brightens up Live Scottish football coverage on sky

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This is woeful.


Kamberi takes a lot of the blame at the moment but Mallen gets nothing? If it’s not a free kick or a long shot he’s got nothing too exciting.
Mallan is asbo shite. Offers nothing. Fuck off hibs :(


Bounce Radge
The team is lifeless and soulless.There is no excuse for that level of performance.So unprofessional.

Green Sleeves

Bounce Radge
Eye-bleeding stuff from Hibs. Hanlon & Gray down on right are at 6s and 7s. Midfield posted missing. This is lacklustre crap all over the pitch apart from Gauld who's at least trying. No ideas, no grit, no composure - a listless rudderless team going nowhere at the present. What you do and say at halftime fecked if I know. There's no heart on show there.


Justified Radge
Bounce Radge
Grim viewing. Mallan having a nightmare. Hanlon has regressed to 2005. We just look ... empty? It’s hard to watch after the McGinn years. This feels like the old days.

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Another strange lineup. You can tell May and Murray worked under Lenny. Whittaker and Horgan are as bad as each other at left back/wing back.....was one of rumors from yesterday not saying Whitty had been emptied?
starting to really have my doubts about hanlon he's been honking this season .
He’s a fat useless pudding ..
I’ve been saying it for years . I never rated him .


Top radge
Not good enough.
Playing 4321 with Gauld and Horgan inside of the wide positions but not quite central.
Gauld hasn't been able to get a foot on the ball.

Kamberi is doing nothing weing, he's utterly isolated, dropping deep to receive the ball and all players are facing him.
Mallan, poor, terrible first touch and always turning into a man.
Whittaker doing good on the left just now though.
Slivka looks okay in the middle, needs a run.
Gray delivered 2 fantastic balls with nobody to meet them.
Marciano should be number 2 to Bogdan when fit. Poor distribution, slow.

I'd have Horgan off after his sore one, bring on Shaw and play 4312. Let gray and Whittaker provide the width. Give Kamberi a partner and get Gauld close to them to help feed.

Nobody ahead of the ball in this game.
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