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Should Our Elected Fans Representatives Resign?

Should Both Fan Representatives Resign?

  • Yes

    Votes: 99 86.1%
  • No

    Votes: 16 13.9%

  • Total voters


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Bounce Radge
What's really sad about this whole sorry state of affairs, is watching Hibs fans threaten to not go back, give out abuse to fellow Hibbys and generally suck the feel good factor out the club. A " feel good" which hasn't been around the club for a long time and which came at a hefty price.
Frank and Tracey ( whom I don't know) going from probably being on such a high , given a role at the club they love, to receiving abuse and harassment .
The Hun must be pishing itself laughing as it tears us apart. My hatred for them grows everyday, but I so much want to move on from this sorry episode. Lawyers and courts have proved time and time again on this that they can't decide how culpable the Hun was. Guilty, not guilty , guilty , not guilty , a bit guilty , a little bit , a big bit , not guilty . How many more circles do people want to go round?
Why no outrage at the gunts? They cheated and conned their way for years also? It's all a bit " green brigade" driven for me, it saddens and bores me.
Sorry if it bores you T but this is important. Rangers cheated over as long a period of time as the gunts but the gunts were above board as far as the level of wages they were paying. OK they stole money from creditors as some businesses do and they went in to administration with creditors accepting a pitiful offer from the budgie. the huns lied about player registrations meaning that in essence these players were ineligible to play for them in competative matches. They also withheld tax and VAT payments and the SFA were complicit in allowing them to play in Europe at the expense of another team. The two situations are like night and day.


Bounce Radge
What a sorry state.
The way the cheating Huns have been dealt with by those supposedly in charge of our beautiful game is a disgrace.
The way the mainstream media has dealt with ALL connected issues has been a disgrace.
I’m now concerned that we are following that trend.
The role of ‘fan reps’ seems to have different meanings to many. Some think they are there in an adversarial position against evil blazers, others think they have to take a poll on every decision. Or are they there as elected members with a broad remit to support us all? Well, everyone has to choose.
The view that ‘the rest of the Board’ (probably just Rodders) has somehow conspired to hang them out to dry is perhaps the biggest load of tosh I’ve read on the subject. Our Board members are top professionals, with a real interest in Hibs. They really are.
To suggest they gather together in some sort of ‘evil gang’ to ‘hang Tracey and Frank out to dry’ is really laughable if it wasn’t so frankly pathetic.
Frank and Tracey are proper Hibs fans. Fact. Endof & all that shit.
They aren’t Hun apologists and have suffered the cups of pish, abuse etc that all Hibs fans have at Ipox. Why would they forget that shit?
If they were convinced by the evidence given confidentially at Hibs Board meeting that they chose to go along with a recommendation that suited Hibs then who can blame them?
That doesn’t mean they (or we) condone the cheating and the chicanery of the SFA it suggests that an investigation on the terms put forward would fail.
Rightly or wrongly they supported a view that put Hibs (arguably) in the best place.
I despise the Huns.
I despise the way that they have been ‘favoured’ by the likes of Campbell Ogilvie, and the SFA appointees who ARE Hun apologists.
I don’t despise Tracey or Frank, and I don’t think they have been hung out to dry, framed, or played for Patsies.
In the longer term I think the truth will out, and maybe some sort of justice will prevail.
I’d still prefer a full investigation, and if I had faith in the polis then I’d like that too.
As I’ve said before, ignoring the nonsense that gets spouted……….. why does nobody investigate Souness and Sir Cardigan getting EBTs when they were at other clubs? It’s clear to a blind man that bribes took place.
I’d have liked Hibs to have backed a further investigation, but I’m clear where the crime was committed and it wasn’t at Easter Road.
In the meantime, I’m going tomorrow.


Dinnae listen to Big G.
Get yer money on.
Sorry sir shrink, I dinnae ken Tracy at all but I've known Frank for the best part o' 45 years and I know he's a good hibby. I also dinnae think the board hung them out tae dry. But they were elected tae represent the fans on the board and in that they have failed miserably taegauge the feelings o' the fans, or just ignored it completely. And why should an investigation intae the SFA fail. Were the EBTsregistered wi' the SFA as all payments tae players are supposed tae be, apart fae expenses incurred through travel costs etc.Naw.Should rangers have been granted a UEFA licence given the financial state they were in. Naw.Was the LNS enquiry mislead, almost certainly. It's no' about stripping titles it's about who allowed a' this tae happen, and they're still running the game
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