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Shooting in the West end

Colchester Hibs

Radge Private Member
Private Member
Bounce Radge
Gutted to hear this sad news. I used to train in his gym when I visited family and friends in Edinburgh, everyone knew he had his flaws but ultimately he had a heart of gold and fought for injustices that others wouldn’t. A true son of Edinburgh, RIP Brad.


On holiday Radge
Private Member
Bounce Radge
No one should be surprised by some of the gutter reporting the media are coming out with in the aftermath of this. Dragging up stuff from the past is low.

Never knew the guy, but knew of his work and seen him about now and then at games. All I think of is that there’s now a bairn without a dad.

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Radge Private Member
Private Member
Bounce Radge
I was just thinking in my bed last night,a shooting in the west end of a well known Hibs man,a death from a guy falling out of flats in the Calders,and the Polis crawling all over Bingham all within a few hours of each other.If Irvine Walsh was stuck for a plot for his latest blockbuster he isn't now.

Hibs v St.Johnstone

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