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Shaun McKinley....RIP


Bounce Radge
Rest in peace Shaun, you showed such courage and determination throughout your fight. You have inspired many by this also. Thoughts go out to you Gordon, and the rest of the clan.




Shut the bounce for ye mate. Only fitting you are always remembered.

Sleep well.

J x
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Barbary Corsair
Bounce Radge
RIP Shaun.


Optomistic Radge
Bounce Radge
So sorry for you and your family Big G. I followed Shaun's updates with a heavy heart and a huge amount of admiration for you all. The courage and humility shown by you all should never be forgotten.

"Courage is being scared, but carrying on anyway" said a wise man. Your family have taken that on to a new level. Peace and love to you all. Lexo.... :-(
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Formerly known as Lanarkhibs
So sorry to read this sad news, rest in peace Shaun, off to join the angels high above.

thoughts with Gordon and Eileen at this difficult time.


Bounce Radge
I feel lost for words. I don't know the family at all but had followed Shuan's posts avidly. Others have said how inspirational Shaun has been. They are so right. I hope that his family can take some comfort from the love and support on here for them. Shaun clearly was a remarkable young man. And he touched us all.


Bounce Radge
My Heart is Broken.
Deepest Condolences to all the McKinleys on the passing of Shaun.
So So hard to take in.

RIP Shaun.

Glory Glory

Hope your at peace with the other Angels High Above.

Legend Forever. Rest mate.

From all The Carruthers Family


Bounce Radge



Bounce Radge
Shaun was a man I never met but I really wish I had.

Very proud to raise a glass for him tonight in his memory and for all his friends and loving family who cared so very deeply.

Total respect and my deepest sympathy to all.


Sir Stretchy of Stretchness
Bounce Radge
Never met him but what a bloody fighter that laddie was. My heart goes out to his family especially his dad big G. God bless you Shaun McKinley legend.


Bounce Radge
I'll miss you. A lot.

Big G, I couldn't really put it into words the other night. And, I still can't. Thinking of you anyway.


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Maple Leaf Radge
Bounce Radge
i am so sorry to hear your sad new, Gordon. Sending my deepest condolences to you and Eileen and the rest of the family.

i think it's heartbroken we all feel tonight for the lad. It's been such an incredible fight that he has fought, raw courage combined with the highest dignity.

Your son is going to live forever and he will never, ever be forgotten by his Hibernian brothers and sisters who will always hold a great love for him and a special place in their hearts.

God bless, Shaun xx

The Family

Capital Radge
Bounce Radge
Our brave son passed away peacefully at 1715 tonight. I will keep you all posted as to funeral arrangements.

Raise a glass to Shaun's memory tonight at the bells.

Gordon and Eileen.

My thoughts are with you and your family Big G.
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