Shaun McKinley....RIP


**** The Gunts
Our brave son passed away peacefully at 1715 tonight. I will keep you all posted as to funeral arrangements.

Raise a glass to Shaun's memory tonight at the bells.

Gordon and Eileen.
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Bounce Radge
I`m so sorry to read this G. The dignity and courage shown by your boy these last months has been inspiratioinal.

All my love to you and your family at this time. x


Shameless Radge
Bounce Radge
RIP Shaun x


Bounce Radge
Terrible news, didn't know you Shaun, but you showed unbelievable spirit and courage since you took ill


Rest in Peace Shaun, we have lost a brother tonight.

My thoughts and condolences go my friend Gordon, his wife Eileen, and their family at this sad time.


Easy Now Radge
Bounce Radge
So sad and so cruel.

Thoughts are with you and yours.


Sauzee's Teeth

I Was There And Went Radge
Bounce Radge
The courage & dignity that Shaun showed is nothing short of remarkable.

RIP, Shaun.

Live forever x

sauzee 1875

Bounce Radge
Did not know you but read all your post and you are a inspiration to others with fight and courage rip

Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
Bounce Radge
Rest in peace Shaun.
My regards to Gordon and the rest of Shaun family x
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Bounce Radge
So very sorry to hear about Shauns passing. Thoughts are with you and your family. RIP

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Daddy 'O' Hibee

The Hibee Radge
Bounce Radge
No need for water in my my dram a few drops arrived from my eyes. Here's tae Shaun a brave and dignified son of Hibernian. My sincere condolences to your good self Gordon and your lovely wife Eileen. Love from John and Joanne. Xxx


Bounce Radge
RIP. Thoughts with you all. The courage, bravery and the great humour shown by Shaun has been incredible. Now with the Angels High Above. He's one of the Hibs family and he will indeed Live Forever. X.


Bounce Radge
awful news

don't really know what to say just now thoughts are with Gordon, Danny and whole McKinley family

RIP Shaun, a true hero


Bounce Radge
RIP Shaun.

Thoughts are with you and yours Gordon.


Bounce Radge
An inspiration. His courage and positivity has touched so many people.

RIP Shaun

Live Forever


Bounce Radge
I knew it was coming at some point but I've been dreading this news.

I didn't know Shaun but read his updates in Frenchman's Cowshed and was struck by his courage in the face of something so terribly daunting. And how Hibbys rallied round and offered their support.

I hope he's at peace and his family can find comfort.

davy malcolm

Bounce Radge
Thoughts are with you and your family

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radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
RIP Shaun, thanks for sharing your journey.
Thoughts are with the McKinley family.


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Bounce Radge
Sorry to read that Gordon.

RIP Shaun
Forever you'll be singing
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