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Season Over & the SPFL Proposals?

SPFL Proposals - Yes or No

  • Yes and farewell Jambos

    Votes: 98 88.3%
  • No let us bide our time and see what happens

    Votes: 13 11.7%

  • Total voters


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Bounce Radge
Another couple of clubs ridiculing Budgey’s face saving exercise. Remarkable that this is going to a series of meetings next week. Daily Record going with the line that Doncaster will be spelling out the damage it could cause smaller clubs if restructuring the leagues does not take place. Pile of sh1te.

Read in the Athletic earlier today that clubs have been in talks with streaming partners should they get the go ahead to stream those games which are not televised.

11 already use or appear to be happy to use one company in particular. The Hun Dogs do not and will not.


Bounce Radge
Shes like a rambling fool that wont go away, lower league clubs know what's going on and have said in there hordes they wont back Hearts reconstruction to get themselves promoted.

Alberta Hibee

Bounce Radge
Its a god awful embarrassment for Scottish football.it has dragged on and in accept the decision with a bit of dignity, this regional meetings what is that going to change, the clubs in the lower leagues have publicly now told them its a no go, accept it and shut up and move on. When this doesn't go their way there will be another meeting..fick reminds me of my company we will have a meeting about having another meeting.Then they pull this shit out in the middle of all this, yes someone was interested in a takeover bid, they will try anything to wriggle back into the league.
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