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Ron G vid

July Goal: £100.00
Donations so far: £60.00


Legendary Radge
Anyone able to put a wee summary up? I’m at work and can’t watch it. Cheers

✅ Good financial shape - managing the storm
✅ Supporters, staff and players stepped up
✅ Right sizing to current reality
✅ AGM vision still in plan but paused
✅ Football nearly back
✅ Competing and team improvements - we’ll take opportunities


✅ First team core focus (Pausing everything else because no activity)
✅ Move forward quickly when normality resumes
✅ Difficult times highlighting our worth
✅ Everyone making a difference, one team, one club
✅ Proud to own our club, phenomenal fans that continue to build a legacy
✅ Upgrade & improve Hibs TV for changes coming now & in future
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Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Very good and reassuring interview.
Really pleased that the plans announced at the AGM are only on pause and we will press on with them once things are in better shape. Youth Academy on hold and not scrapped completely is also good news. We will be bringing in new players to strengthen the squad, however money is limited for obvious reasons and it looks like the players have been asked to accept wage reductions. Really hope we can get all this sorted out quickly so we can get on with putting together a competitive squad for 20/21 season.

The Family

Capital Radge
Brilliant interview by Ron, even more pleasing and also reassuring us that even in this pandemic state we are still looking to improve on the first team.


Legendary Radge
I like Ron. ✅

He is smart and articulate and makes his points without flannel or fanfare and I have no doubt he is in this for the long haul.✅

I don't expect him to be a sugar daddy owner just lobbing in millions rather he is sort of owner who looks for incremental growth and targeted improvement while providing a stable security in the background.✅

I don't think he yet understands the madness of Scottish football and how the SPFL interacts with the SFA and how our rivalry with the Puddledrinkers kicks in together with the ever dominant presence of Celtc and to a lesser extent "Scotland's Shame 2012".❌

Dempster needs to help him here and both of them lets be generous and say "took an eternity to come to grips with the financial severity of the coming season" which certainly saves me another rant.?.

Ron seems to listen and learn and makes his decision after careful consideration so he won't last long in Scottish football at all then.?


Just A Radge
I’m sorry but I can’t believe him. He’s clearly talking out his arse.
All the jambos on Twitter are telling me different and it’s them whom I choose to believe with their insider information rather than this.....this....this....republican!
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