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He has been at Hibs for four years.

I don't blame him for wanting to move on now.

He has been a superb goalkeeper for Hibs, best since Leighton IMO.

One of Neil Lennon's best signings for the club.


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We don't know that yet.

He has been as good a keeper as we could've asked for though.
Every time he dipped and lost his place he came back better and stayed there.

I thiught he would have left last year, covid probably ended that, shame he goes for free if he does leave.


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Yep I was actually surprised they didn’t sign him at the beginning of the season after failing to retain Forster. Still there’s always a chance he might stay...


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Have a feeling he'll end up at Celtic

I always thought Lennon was going to take him, but now I've no idea what will happen over there.
I reckon they'll go for Fraser Forster again? And there will surely be a lot of spending, bigwig stepping down and being spanked to the league this year will need to be answered by whoever takes the seat?

I think I heard somewhere that he was looking to go play for one of the Tel Aviv's or Maccabi teams (I know technically one team is both of those names, but I can't remember who said or if I read it and keeping the options broad)
No idea of Israeli money for their top teams, but I see their name in Europe regularly


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I’ve always thought he was good but not great. Sorry to seem him go though and not sure Macey is going to be good enough consistently albeit has looked solid enough in his few appearance.
I really liked Adam Bogdan and if he hadn’t got that injury in his first spell (against Elgin at ER) I think he would have pushed Rocky to be our number 1. I wonder if we could get him back for a third spell 🤔


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Rocky is as good a keeper Hibs are going to get for the money we can pay and the league we play in and it will be sad to see him go if that turns out to be the case.😥

Rocky, his agent, his wife and his wee kid all know that this is his last chance to make serious money out of football so you would expect him to sit and sit and sit throughout summer as the English, European and Israeli clubs all sort out their budgets and goalie options.

That doesn't put Hibs out of running but knocks us a bit down the queue.🤔

4/5 years is a long time to spend with one club but he has been a fine keeper and an excellent employee who really seems to respect the club and the supporters.✅.
There are a few lessons in contract management here that could be learned by other players who are barely in the 1st team or are just 6 months in the building and already angling hard publicly to get oot the door.😥
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Not very often when we hear of someone signing a four year contract that we ever expect to see them at ER for four years. He has been good for us despite his early problems with crosses. Some people might prefer he had went after 2 years and we got money, but would we have been able to afford as good a keeper for what we got?


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we've got five years of him playing alright at worst and brilliantly at best and how rare is it for that to be said of a hibs keeper?

He'll be looking for a payday and that's fair enough. He's been a good servant and he's never played silly buggers with his contract. Best of luck to him.

If Macey's being lined up for next season, I hope we get to see a bit more of him in action first. Coming from Arsenal I doubt he'll be on pennies so it'd be nice to try before we buy


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I think most Hibs fans would have realised his departure this summer was going to be inevitable. He is 31 years old, a full internationalist, and has been at Hibs for five years. It's time for him to move on and get his last big contract.

As I said earlier, for me he has been a superb goalkeeper for Hibs, and IMO the best one we have had since Jim Leighton in the early 90's. He has his does every goalkeeper. We are never going to have a goalkeeper who does everything right all the time and never makes any mistakes. We done really well to get him in the first place and our former manager Neil Lennon deserves credit for bringing him to the club. Good luck to him in the future when he leaves. Just help us get into Europe before you go Rocky.

The question is now who will be our number 1 for next season and beyond. I have a feeling Matt Macey was brought to the club in January because they knew in their heart of hearts that Rocky was not going sign a new deal and would be moving on in the summer. He arrives with a good pedigree and he will have benefitted from having played a few games in January and having six months to get used to the squad, the goalkeeping coaches etc. I suppose it all comes down to whatever wages we can offer him and if they are acceptable.

They may have someone else in mind, and maybe they will think Dabrowski is now ready to make the step up. It will be interesting to see what happens. I can't see us spending a significant transfer fee in the summer on a new goalkeeper. Might be wrong though..
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They may have someone else in mind, and maybe they will think Dabrowski is now ready to make the step up. It will be interesting to see what happens. I can't see us spending a significant transfer fee in the summer on a new goalkeeper. Might be wrong though..

Given the rave reviews he's had on loan I'd like to see Dabrowski integrated into the squad in a similar fashion to Doig i.e. as a genuine apprentice to an old hand with the view to eventually taking their place. If we could get a been there done it Scottish Prem goalie in, a Lewis between the sticks, that would be ideal.
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