RIP - Alan Lugton


RIP - Sad sad news. 😌


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Books have been passed and read by three generations RIP


RIP Alan, the Hibstorian.
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RIP Alan.

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His books have done so much to keep the history and roots of this club alive for other generations. RIP


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Heard this sad news at the week-end.
Alan Lugton's lifetime labour of love were those three brilliant books on the origins and history of his beloved Hibernian. These books should be and are essential reading for every Hibs supporter especially young fans just starting out supporting the club. The sheer volume of detail he managed to research and obtain for these books was phenomenal. A really nice man as well.

RIP Alan and thanks from every Hibernian fan..


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I spoke to Alan regularly by phone. He was a guest speaker at the St. Patrick's Branch of the Hibernian Supporters Association meetings on two occasions describing in detail how he compiled the enormous amount of information about Hibernian FC over the years to use in his magnificent trilogy.

I know that he was a long time critic of some Hibernian Historians who in his opinion distorted the facts about the founding of Hibernian and the early days. Revisionist he would say.

He was a guest at the Branch St. Patrick's Day celebrations and was cheered to the rafters on taking to the floor in March 2015.
We wrote to our members at the time:

Saturday saw our Branch’s St. Pat’s Bash in the Hibernian Supporters Association Club. As usual a packed venue with some 220 members and friends having a ball entertained by young dancers from the Paul Dever’s School of Irish Dance, the wonderful Mad Ferret Band and a great disco. Again we were delighted to have present 18 Dutch St. Pat’s members/Hibs fans from Groningen, Netherlands.
We were also delighted to have present George Craig, Head of Football Operations and his wife, along with Stadium Manager Keith Donaldson. A big thanks for the signed strip and Match tickets supplied by Hibernian for the raffle.
The highlight of the evening for many were the presentations by Branch Patron Patrick Gordon Stanton. The first award was to Alan Lugton for his outstanding contribution to documenting the formation of Hibernian Football Club. He has transmitted his enthusiasm and affection for the Club to his wife, to his children and to his friends and practically all his spare time over decades has been devoted to exploring and recording the history of Hibernian FC. Those thirty years culminated in the wonderful trilogy ‘ The Making of Hibernian’


Condolences to Molly and Alan's family.
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