Bounce Radge
you know how it is guy's, feelings running high, on the big day, this means so much to me, as it does for everyone else, the ref could have blown for a foul on the first goal, but he didn't. i suppose 7 / 10 for the ref,

It's just that every one in Scottish football hates it when hibs win a cup,
Not the impression I've been getting in the last 24 hours. Seems like Hibs fans touched a raw nerve with football fans all over Scotland cos of the joyous way we celebrated and also cos of the swashbuckling style we did it in on the pitch.


Johnny Vegas

Poros Massive Radge
Bounce Radge
It's just that every one in Scottish football hates it when hibs win a cup,
i don't know where your coming from at all with that statement


Mental Matelot Radge
Bounce Radge
You all thought he was OK ? Not when he allowed Killie to start the 2nd half with only 9 Hibs players on the pitch he wasn't.
I think it was Jones and Murphy who were still walkng down the tunnel when he blew the whistle.

Daft. :rollfloor
Nothing in the laws says you have to have all 11 men on the field. (7 minimum):giggle: :giggle:


Bounce Radge
Thought the ref kept his teams season ticket book in his pocket.He didnt put a foot wrong from my eyes..


Bounce Radge
To be honest I hardly noticed the ref--which is the way it should be.:applause:
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