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Referee for game against St. Mirren


Bounce Radge
The referee for Saturday's game against St. Mirren is Willie Collum. The full list of match officials can be found by clicking http://www.SPLrefs.com

You will also find on the site a wide range of stats relating to Willie Collum including Hibs games he has refereed and his general refereeing stats over the last 2 seasons.


SPLrefs.com working together with the fans to improve refereeing standards in Scotland


Mussel-bound Radge
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Bounce Radge
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Could have been worse. If I'm reading the stats right, we're undefeated in games he's reffed.

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Radge McRadge
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Only game he's reffed that we've lost was a 3-0 scudding at Inversneckie in jan 2007.

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